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Houston Termite and Pest Control Exterminator
​Termite and Pest Control Services

Affordable Houston Termite and Pest Control will create a Liquid Barrier around the outside of your home or

 dwelling to protect you from those unwanted termites and pests.

 Affordable Termite and Pest Control Solutions will also treat inside of your home where any termites can enter

 your home. 

We will utilize Termidor, the most effective termiticide available to the Pest Control Industry. Termidor is a

 termiticide that has revolutionized the industry. With a single application, Termidor delivers 100% control of the

 termites , and delivers results within a few months. This termite treatment is hands down the most effective to

 eliminating termites. Termites cost property owner million of dollars in damage annually. 

Termite Damage Costs

  Termite damage does not just randomly appears; it happens steadily over time and is often

 unseen. Most people are shocked to termite infestations and are blinded by the cost of repair.Affordable Termite

 and Pest Control Services will inspect your property and identify any threats that could allow them to penetrate

 your home. Even if you are not convinced that you have termites Affordable Termite and Pest Control suggests

 doing preventive measures to help avoid getting termites. Call (832) 820-0201 to schedule your termite

 inspection today. There will be no hidden fees and all prices will be put in writing for your peace of mind.

​$ 399 Termite Treatment and Prevention